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Zales allows you to design your own ring online, so as to make sure you create the perfect engagement ring. Designing your own ring can at times be daunting, but if you know what you’re doing you can save lots of time, money and effort. Remember always take advantage of the customer service so you can ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Designing your own ring with Zales takes three easy steps; choosing the style, setting, and the diamond. Before commencing the design process, get to know your diamonds. Take the time to browse different styles. If you are a guy and you are looking to make a surprise proposal at least make sure you know what she wants. However, if you are worried there is no shame in taking the time and designing the ring together. It can be a fun rewarding and quality experience. 

 Zales Engagement Ring

 Selecting a Diamond For Your Engagement Ring

Although choosing the ring is hard, selecting the diamond is equally difficult. Selecting the perfect diamond is all about compromise. First you have to choose the shape. After choosing the shape you then need to negotiate the four c’s. The more informed you are about the four c’s the better your buying power. Work out how much you want to spend before you start. You need to know what attributes are more important to you. Is it size you are after or quality? No matter what your budget you will have to make some sacrifices in one department eventually. Once you are done using Zales design your own ring feature takes the time to review the ring and be 100% sure you know what you are getting.

 design your own ring
Design your own engagmement ring with Zales.

Design Your Own Engagement Ring: Start with a Setting

Choosing a ring setting is just as important as choosing the right diamond. The most popular setting is the prong setting (also known as the claw setting) which is the most commonly used gemstone setting. Other common settings include the pave/sidestone setting, the tension setting, the three stone setting.

Picking a setting also involves selecting the right type of metal. The most popular metal choices for engagment rings are White Gold and Platinum. Yellow Gold is also a well known engagement ring metal choice. Platinum is the most expensive of the metal choices, per volume, but also the most durable. A qualified professional can help you choose the best ring setting for you. Or you can simply do the research and compare and contrast varieties.

Now that you have selected your style, setting and diamond, you are ready to make your order. You can order online from Zales or walk into any of their stores. Ordering online makes things easier as you can purchase the ring from the comfort of your own home. Unlike so many e-commerce sites, Zales’ site is easy to navigate and very user-friendly. If you feel like you need some support, you can always call Zales’ customer service. The customer service reps are there to help you and guide you through the buying process. They are well trained and extremely knowledgeable about diamonds and ring design. Make sure to use their expertise should you need it.

If you prefer shopping in stores, however, Zales also has numerous locations across the United States. Zales is known for their first-rate in-store customer service and friendly salespeople. Designing your own diamond ring can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to feel comfortable and safe.

Go ahead and take in the moment. Relish in the excitement. You have designed your very own dream engagement ring...finally!   

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